The Bronze Age

You may remember this post from last week, where Kevin’s school ballroom dancing team competed in the city semifinals. In that competition, Kevin’s team – all fifth graders – captured the gold, and moved on to the city finals.

The city finals were held yesterday at a charter school in the eastern part of the city. Kevin’s team – he and his best friend Grace are captains – was going against eight other schools from across the city. The moderator said the competition would be intense, and the judges would be more strict. They weren’t lying.

Kevin and Grace danced the waltz in their first routine, and the merengue in their second. They and the rest of the team were fabulous, in my opinion, and we all felt pretty good about their chances. The judges announced the bronze awards, silvers, then golds.

The first school they called was Maternity BVM – Kevin’s school. You would have thought they were being called to the gallows. The team glumly walked to receive their awards, many, including Kevin, were crying. After a semester’s worth of work, they missed out on gold, and it was a very long ride back to school.

I tried explaining winning a bronze in a city competition is pretty impressive, but he wasn’t hearing it. Hopefully, he’ll realize how well he did after a few days’ thought. Either way, we’re all very proud of him.

4 thoughts on “The Bronze Age

  1. Having high expectations and not reaching a goal you set for yourself is a tough pill to swallow. Congrats to the kids on a job well done and they had fun (for the most part)!!


  2. Even though it may be a disappointment to him now it’s a very important life lesson. I think that his team did super and they should be proud of themselves…………..


  3. Ronni – All until the end. One of the people at school said the second dances were all scored – which usually doesn’t happen – because the scores were so close. So they took bronze, but they may have been in running for gold.

    Tam – I agree. I think Kevin will eventually, as well. Kevin takes losing like me, Kyle, and Erik. You don’t want to be near us when we lose.

    Mike47 – Thanks. He did very well.


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