Nelson Can-dela Would Be Proud

A group of animals stopped their vehicles in the middle of the highway so they could steal hundreds of bottles of liquor which fell off a delivery truck. Starting the New Year off right, I see.

THIRSTY motorists ditched their cars on a busy South African motorway to loot a beer truck that dropped thousands of bottles of cider and lager.

Putting their own lives at risk the drivers pulled over in their droves near Johannesburg when they saw hundreds of full crates somehow fall off the stricken lorry. Seeing a chance to stock up for New Year’s Eve for free they brought traffic to a halt to fill their boots with loot.

Many braved the broken glass with bare feet to rummage through the broken bottles.

Looters soon started going for the truck itself with the driver helpless to stop the beer thieves for fear of the mob turning on him and attacking him.

I sincerely hope every one of these criminals slashed the bottoms of their feet and enjoy a few months dealing with hookworms… and possibly HIV.

2 thoughts on “Nelson Can-dela Would Be Proud

  1. Most of them probably already have HIV.

    A few years ago (1983!!!!) I was working in South Korea. On a weekend in Seoul I observed a young local, maybe 16 years old, riding a bicycle loaded down with boxes of things like kitchen knives, forks, spoons, plates, and other odds & ends. These boxes were stacked at least six feet over this little guy’s head. And he hit a pothole, lost control, and everything scattered about.

    The people in the area immediately swarmed around the scene… helped the guy back on his bike, picked up and restacked the boxes on his ride, and gently gave him a push to assist him on his way.

    Different cultures. The Koreans probably know who their parents are.


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