The F**k Stops Here

Incoming leftist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decreed she will not funnel any money to the border wall; a move which elicited a yawn from President Trump.

President Donald Trump indicated he will not budge on his demand from Democratic lawmakers for $5.6 billion in funding for his proposed wall along the U.S. southern border, in an extended back-and-forth with reporters Wednesday.

Trump’s showdown with Democratic lawmakers has resulted in a partial government shutdown with neither side currently indicating they will deviate from their hardline position. Trump told reporters he would not accept anything lower than $5.6 billion in funding and that he was willing to let the shutdown continue “as long as it takes.”

Democrats instead say they will offer approximately $1.6 billion of funding for “border security,” which would not be allowed to fund a concrete wall along the southern border.

How about this counteroffer? You Democrats can go fuck yourselves, and the president will keep the government shut down for the entirety of 2019. I am continually amazed that after two years the Democrats and NeverTrumpers still haven’t figured out Trump doesn’t give a fuck about their norms or decorum. The president wants what he wants, and it’s very refreshing.

8 thoughts on “The F**k Stops Here

  1. As far as what’s happening in the National Parks, give them to the states to maintain. Or to private enterprise…. then they’d turn a profit.

    Hold fast, Mr. President.


  2. The longer the government is shutdown, the longer Demoncrats dig in, the stronger Trump will get. Maybe this time he can veto anything that pays back wages to all the people who didn’t do any work.


  3. TXNick – The private sector runs everything better than the government. Truly and completely.

    RG – Agreed. Let Pelosi sit on her hands. We still have the Senate and the president has veto power. Do your worst, Skeletor!


  4. But then “catholic” Nancy Pelousy-Galore wants to give $5 mil to the UN population fund, which would give those bat rastards another $37.5 mil to promote abortions over seas. Now you know why I put quote marks around the lower case word.


  5. MelP – I am in no way the best Catholic, but if I see her in Heaven, I believe I will ask the Lord to send me south. I have no desire to spend eternity with someone who so actively embraces baby killings.


  6. It does make me a little nervous that a couple of the Senate GOP guys who are up for re-election in 2020 are urging the prez to make a deal with the idiot dem leadership.


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