Bernie Bros Treated Women Like Hoes

Failed presidential candidate and hairstyle maven Bernie Sanders is responding to accusations his 2016 campaign was fraught with sexual harassment. The sexy senile socialist is addressing the claims a full two years after the fact.

Bernie Sanders said he didn’t know women in his 2016 presidential campaign were being harassed because he was too busy running for the Democratic nomination.

‘I was a little bit busy running around the country trying to make the case,’ he told CNN Wednesday night when asked if he knew about the allegations at the time.

See, it wasn’t his fault; he’s just a confused old man. Now shut up and let him run the country because he’s totes competent. In effect, Sanders is using the Paterno Defense.

Sanders was responding to a report in the New York Times that several women on his 2016 campaign reported episodes of sexual harassment, demeaning treatment, and pay disparity.

Giulianna Di Lauro, a Latino outreach strategist, recounted to the newspaper how a campaign surrogate ran his hands through her hair in a ‘sexual way.’

She said when she reported the incident Bill Velazquez, a manager on the Latino outreach team, he told her: ‘I bet you would have liked it if he were younger’ and laughed.

The truly sad part of this story is no one will hold Sanders accountable, because sexual harassment is only an issue when it is perpetuated by Republicans. But yes, keep screeching about the #MeToo movement you f**king hypocrites.

5 thoughts on “Bernie Bros Treated Women Like Hoes

  1. Why is it that everything with Dems is someone else’s fault? Obama everything was W’s fault. Pelosi said she didn’t have time to pay attention in 2002 at the briefings where they talked about enhanced interrogation because she was too busy trying to take back the House. Now this asshat has an excuse.


  2. “It’s not my fault” “I didn’t do that” I have yet to meet a libtard that will admit that they did something wrong.


  3. Ingineer66 – Bernie was too busy, but everything is Trump’s fault. The irony is Trump is doing things for the country, while the excuse makers constantly sat on their lazy asses.

    Cathy – I remember them wailing that Bush never apologized for anything. Then eight years of lying by Obummer was met with silence.

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  4. Ronni – One of his top men – “Top. Men.” – heard the woman’s complaint and ignored it. There is NO WAY Bernie didn’t know, but the media will give him a pass – as will the Democrats.


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