No Rules, Just Fight

Meet Deana Seltzer of Palm Beach, Flori-duh.

Like most millennials, Deana has an entitlement attitude, so when she told her parents to take her to Outback Steakhouse, she was deadly serious.

Deana Seltzer, 28, was charged with domestic battery, battery on a person 65 years of age or older and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The victim’s mother told police that Seltzer asked to go to Outback. When the mother said no, that’s when Seltzer became enraged and began punching her chest and arms.

Officials said Seltzer then began running around the home and flipped over a large glass table, recliners and other pieces of furniture. She then ripped a 12-inch decorative knife off a wall and ran toward her father while screaming, “I’m going to [EXPLETIVE] kill you,” officials said.

This bloated blob of protoplasm is twenty-eight years old. What exactly is stopping Deana from taking herself to Outback, besides her dimwittedness and sloth?

Imagine being nearly thirty and still dependent upon your aging parents for literally everything.

5 thoughts on “No Rules, Just Fight

  1. Don’t think I have ever been to an Outback Restaurant. What do they have that would make a 28 year old with zits go bat-shit crazy for?


  2. Decent BBQ ribs, ok steaks, etc. Nothing to go to jail about. Maybe after a few days of hoosegow chow, the special snowflake won’t be so demanding of her parents.


  3. It just really chaps my hide when these kids pull this crap. But why on earth have the parents not kicked her sorry butt out long before she turned 28?? I am sick to death of parents coddling these young adults. They are ADULTS for pete’s sake. Quit enabling them. It shouldn’t have to come to the ‘rents enduring physical harm before these young people have their own place, job and responsibilities. And we just keep circling the drain…………….


  4. Cathy – The Bloomin’ Onion is pretty fantastic.

    TXNick – Yeah, it’s okay, but not worth your freedom over. Not Chick-Fil-A is another story.

    Doc – It’s the state which keeps on giving.

    Ronni – Millennials. They’re spoiled, entitled twats, but they became that way because of their awful, coddling parents.


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