Leftist Heifer Beclowns Itself On CNN

Meet Ana Navarro.

Ana is a self-titled “Republican strategist” who is so good at her job that she has not had a client in seven years. Ana did briefly work for conservative titans Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Jon Huntsman, before giving it all up in favor of Ring Dings and heart disease.

As a “conservative” pundit, Ana sucks up oxygen (and bonbons) on such totes conservative programs as CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time and The View.

Last night, while listening to a legitimate conservative speak, Ana showed her true conservative bona fides…

CNN commentator Ana Navarro decided to stop and do her nails during an appearance on “Cuomo Prime Time” Wednesday night while debating the merits of a border wall.

In fairness, her hooves aren’t going to manicure themselves.

Host Chris Cuomo criticized Donald Trump Jr.’s comparison of the border wall to a zoo fence, while political commentator Steve Cortes said it was unfair to lump the president in with his son.

To be clear, Moo Cow sighed, rolled her eyes, and filed her nails while Cortes described Americans murdered by illegal immigrants. Yep, Piggy is basically the second coming of Phyllis Schlafly.

“I think he is echoing his father, which, who demonizes immigrants time and time and time and time again,” Navarro said. She then compared Trump Jr. to Fredo from “The Godfather” and asked if she could file her nails on air.

Wow Bessie, what a unique and rarely-used comparison. No one has ever compared an ineffective person to Fredo Corleone before, so I congratulate you on your originality and wit. Here’s a feedbag full of alfalfa… and Snickers.

While it may not be patently obvious, Triple-Chin has done conservatives a favor as large as her ass; she is illustrating what happens when Trump Derangement Syndrome reaches the cerebral cortex. The TDS took longer with Tubby Eat-Them-All, because the disease had to fight through all the cholesterol.

4 thoughts on “Leftist Heifer Beclowns Itself On CNN

    1. The size of her hooves make them extra special & must be handled by a specialist. And she is an insult to the pigs of this world!


  1. TXNick – Unless she thought it was food… which she probably did.

    Cathy – The best was her flying off the trough when Cortes claimed she was a leftist. Like he was stating a falsehood.


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