Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Today’s episode of Sunday Services will be preempted in order to celebrate my son’s eighteenth birthday. That’s right, Kyle is turning eighteen today, after many of you have seen him grow up right here on this very blog.

Kyle has always been an active kid, playing lacrosse for twelve years, soccer for eight years, and street hockey for five years. In the interim, he spent five years playing trombone for his elementary school band, dabbled in basketball for a year, and continually asked us to start a career in NASCAR.

Kyle will be graduating from high school in June, and plans to head to college in the fall, where he hopes to continue his lacrosse career. Classes shouldn’t be a problem, as Kyle has always brought home good grades, and I know he will be successful in everything he does.

Eighteen years old. How did that happen?

Happy birthday, Kyle. We love you very much.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kyle!

  1. Happy birthday, Kyle.

    Makes you feel kind of old when the kiddies start hitting those milestones. My baby girl will turn forty next month and the lovely missus and I celebrated our 45th anniversary yesterday. Talk about feeling really old. And by the way, yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the Steelers’ first Super Bowl win. That was a nice present way back when on our first wedding anniversary……………


  2. MelP – It was a good birthday. The Rams won yesterday – it’s his favorite NFL team, even though he rarely watches it because of the protests – and the Eagles lost tonight. Pretty good weekend.

    Tam – Those Steelers teams were ridiculous. They were the Pats before the Pats.

    RG – The other interested school said they need a decision from him in the next two weeks. It’s stressing him out, but he’ll make his decision soon.

    TXNick – UD hired a coach, and he begins Tuesday. The athletic director called me at home Friday night to let me know, and to let Kyle know the new coach will contact him this week.

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  3. Happy birthday Kyle. He was, what, 14 or so when I met you at the Florida mouse house? I look forward to hearing continued good things about you and your siblings. Hope you had a great day, and don’t stress about the college decision. You appear to have a great head on your shoulders, your folks have your back, and God has everything under control.


  4. Happy belated Birthday, Kyle! Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year as you graduate and move forward to obtain your college degree!


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