Goodbye, Captain America

When Marvel started producing films, I was a hugh Captain America fan. The first film was good, but the second – The Winter Soldier – was amazing. Nothing anyone could do or say would make me change my mind.

Enter Captain America actor Chris Evans.

Captain America actor Chris Evans is wading heavily into political spheres lately with his most recent venture targeting South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Evans took to Twitter to blast Graham writing, “Hey Smithers, remember when you said this: ‘You know how you make America great again, tell Donald Trump to go to hell.’”

He then insinuated that Graham is being blackmailed asking, “What do they have on you? I can’t tell if this shameful 180 is born of fear or thirst.”

Nicely done, Captain Homophobia. It always intrigues me when our Hollywood betters lecture us about the proper way to treat gay people, while throwing homophobic slurs at anyone who doesn’t share their political affiliation.

F**k you, Evans. F**k you, Marvel. I sincerely hope your political stances result in your demise. Get work, go broke.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Captain America

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought Captain America – Winter Soldier was a veiled reference to John F’ing Kerry and his traitorous winter soldier bullshit. Anything coming out of Hollyweird is pretty much 100% intentional. I knew Chris Evans was a wackjob, but it’s nice to see that he’s outed himself to be a really serious wackjob.


  2. RG – The original comic book story may have been out before Kerry’s traitorous testimony. The actor playing TWS was Sebastian Stan, who probably is also a leftist, but was excellent in the film.

    For me, I’ve come to realize life is too short to waste time on people who despise me. Hollywood, the NFL, the world;s female population…


  3. I quit watching Hollyweird propaganda after “13 Hours.” The Benghazi story got the Hollywood treatment by not being explicit on who gave the order for the rescue troops to stand down. And not mentioning the General who was relieved of his command for demanding something to be done about the attack.

    The entire left coast can fall into the ocean today. If they started making movies great again (catchy phrase, that) it would be too late to woo me back.


  4. TXNick – I’ve cut my TV down, as well. When an entire industry spits upon my values, I have little interest in their brand of “entertainment.”


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