History Repeating

So I’m at work last night, when I received a text message from Kyle…

“Me and Ant were in my car – heh, he thinks it’s his – turning on Conwell when someone sped around the first car in line and clipped the back of the car and drive off. Nothing is broken except in the back corner. It’s cracked a lot.”

Kyle followed up with, “F**king a**holes need to be publicly executed.”

He’s not wrong. I told Kyle to bring the car home, since the accident occurred a block from our house. Mrs. Earp was at karate with Kevin and Julia, and I was at work. A few moments later, I get another text saying he found the twat who was driving the vehicle. He took a photo of her license plate, sent it to me and said the woman called police to make a report. I told Kyle to stay there with Ant – the witness – and be polite to the officer.

The officer arrived and conducted an investigation. The female was found to be the striking vehicle, because her front fender was cracked, while Kyle’s rear was hit. Kyle said the woman as arguing with the officer, while he was polite. He said the officer probably liked him because he called Kyle, “Bro.”

The district was kind enough to send me a copy of the report, and yes, the woman who was at fault was listed as the striking vehicle. That’ll go a long way toward repairing the rear bumper of an antique 2007 Saturn VUE.

Oh, and for the record, neither Kyle nor Anthony had any injuries.

5 thoughts on “History Repeating

  1. Glad the boys are safe and sound. Hopefully this idiot woman learned it’s always best to tell the truth from the beginning. I’m guessing she’s no rocket scientist.


  2. Ronni – She was yelling at Kyle, “WHY DID YOU HIT ME?” He looked behind him like she was talking to someone else and replied, “Um, I have damage to my rear bumper.” She was also apparently arguing with the officer, claiming Kyle magically backed into her. (I guess he turned his car around so it didn’t look that way.) Crazy old bat.


  3. Back when I was about Kyle’s age, I was nailed by an oncoming vehicle that was turning left on a four-lane (no traffic light at the intersection, common sense would dictate the driver should have waited until I passed him before proceeding). The idiot told the officer he was parked.

    The officer arrested him for DUI. He should have been booked for public stupidity.

    I am happy there was no damage to Kyle and Ant.


  4. TXNick – The twat’s insurance company called today and said they were paying for the damages. I guess her version was utterly and completely wrong. Stupid bint.

    Ant yelled, “Oh shit,” when the car came toward them and if Kyle didn’t stomp on the gas, Ant would have been severely injured. And I would be having a discussion with the striking driver.


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