Trump To Press Corps: Drop Dead

President Trump has directed the lovely and talented Sarah Sanders to forgo White House press briefings from now on because of the way Sanders has been treated by the press. I honestly and truly love this man.

President Donald Trump told White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that she could cut back on her press briefings because of how she is treated.

Sanders hasn’t held a press briefing from the White House in more than 30 days, with her last presser happening on December 18, according to a report from The Hill. This is the longest stretch that the Trump administration has gone without a press briefing from Sanders and there have been complaints about her infrequent appearances.

I’m sure the president gives a damn about complainants of people who trash him on an hourly basis. Go f**k yourself, media.

While some reporters may still want to speak with Sanders, there have been several informal press gaggles directly between President Trump and the press since December 18.

Five weeks without a press briefing, and, like the shutdown, no one even noticed. Personally I think the White House press briefings are colossal wastes of time, and should have been discarded years ago.

3 thoughts on “Trump To Press Corps: Drop Dead

  1. I think all the media idiots should be discarded. Throw them into a special landfill and watch mother nature destroy them.


  2. Cathy – That was never true than in this period of time. They are no longer journalists; they’re social justice commentators hell-bent on destroying everyone who disagrees with them.


  3. The one most upset is Jim Acosta. He lost his bully pulpit. The quiet has been great and we, the people, are still getting the news. Without the pressers, it has become glaringly apparent how much “fake news” and “false narratives” are being put forth by the press on an almost daily basis. (Buzzfeed and Covington Catholic).


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