Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Jacksonville, Flori-duh police are searching for a man who shot a woman after he received poor service.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told ActionNewsJax that around 10:23 p.m. Monday, a woman agreed to perform a sexual act with the suspect in exchange for $5 and Pringles potato chips.

After the act, the suspect demanded his $5 back and shot her in the shoulder before fleeing the scene on foot, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Okay, a few observations. First, what kind of tool haggles over a five dollar BJ? It’s not like you gave the woman a hundred bucks. Second, who demands Pringles as payment for oral sex? I mean, in all honesty, Pringles are freaking amazing, but really lady, can you do no better?

*For the record, the woman above is not the victim… obviously.

4 thoughts on “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

  1. I can hardly believe what $5 and a can of Pringles gets a guy these days. Doesn’t seem like a very profitable line of work. She might want to do some price comparisons.


  2. After I was molested in my last divorce, the ex’s lawyer sent me a bill for $1200 for his fees to rob me of just about everything I had. (Hint to all you guys, never get divorced in Flori-Duh.)

    I replied to him that since I had nothing left of value, he would have to get it from his client. Since he was a professional, he could demand payment in kind from her professional services. I advised him that if she charged him for what they were worth, he’d collect in the form or 4,800 lousy BJs.

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