The Cookie Monster

Those of you who have been here for a while know my youngest son, Kevin, is fifty-percent brilliant and fifty-percent odd. We got a sample of both Wednesday night.

Kevin was assigned a science project where he needed to demonstrate a mixture or a solution. Kevin decided to demonstrate how cookies are made. He and Mrs. Earp made cookies last night, wrote down the steps and added the recipe on poster board.

Kevin brought in the cookies to class yesterday, and during his presentation, explained how they were made. He said the presentation went very well, but he was not yet graded.

The reason I mention this is because he added artwork of stick figures enjoying his creations. As always, the art was hilarious. You can see it below the fold…

The one on the left is by far my favorite, especially with the two-hand cookie eating. I literally laughed out loud at that one.

All three of these are high-larious, but I kinda like the kid on the right with the thumbs up.

17 thoughts on “The Cookie Monster

  1. RG – Kevin is arguably our most creative child, and his drawings are always funny. A few years ago, he drew a picture of our church with ninjas on the rooftop.


  2. I love the drawings! I identify with pic one, the one on the right. Love the smell of freshly baked cookies. Kevin is a talented guy!


  3. Ronni – He’s really very talented, art-wise. Between this, the ballroom dancing, and karate, he’s becoming very well-rounded.

    Jim – It would be like doing a project on how Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. No matter how insipid, people will rejoice.

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  4. Kevin is probably smarter than we know. If you look at the cookie in the bottom center picture there is an A+ written on it. Subliminal message for his teacher? That kid’s an evil genius………………


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