Nationwide Is On Everyone Else’s Side

So after two phone calls and two voice messages, our Nationwide agent finally called Kyle Friday night – four days after his accident.

The woman asked to speak with Kyle, and he took the phone into his room to tell his side of the story in relative peace. A few minutes later, he came downstairs and handed me the phone. The agent wanted to speak of the owner of the Saturn, and I figured I could give her some background on the incident.

Shockingly, she didn’t want to hear it.

“After talking to your son and the other driver, it appears we will be finding Kyle liable for the accident. The other driver claimed she went through a yellow light, and Kyle claimed it was red when he made the turn.”

I immediately interjected: “Excuse me, but how could it be yellow for her and red for my son if they entered the intersection at the same time?” The bitch had no answer for that, so I realized the fix was in. Our insurance company was siding with the older, more experienced driver over my son, the new driver. The agent then admitted she did not see the police report yet.

“Well I did, and I had it the evening of the accident. Who do you think has more reason to lie, the striking vehicle or the vehicle which was struck?”

Again, no answer, but she did have a question: “Do you think you could scan and email that report for me?” I initially said yes, but after promising an email immediately, I changed my mind after an hour of waiting. Why should I give this woman a professional courtesy when she already made up her mind?

Once we give the repair money to the piece of shit who t-boned my car, we’ll immediately be dropping Nationwide after two decades of coverage. If this is how they treat their customers, I want no part of them.

I will also remember this incident next time they call my division – which insurance companies do often – asking for information on burglaries and auto accidents.

12 thoughts on “Nationwide Is On Everyone Else’s Side

  1. I’m not an insurance expert. Well, other than suing my insurance company TWICE and winning both times. I have had and canceled almost every insurance company out there trying to find one that isn’t so crooked it makes you want to cry. FYI, don’t use Farmer’s Insurance, they’re the one I sued twice. The tried to cancel me, but I took them to a hearing with the state board of insurance. When I won that too, I canceled them. Last year I had my homeowner’s cancelled because of a non-claim – I asked them about some water damage in my home and had filed a water claim three years prior. I started asking around with people I really trust. I ended up getting Chubb Insurance. It’s only available through independent insurance brokers, but I already like this insurance more than any I have EVER had. I could tell you the whole story why, but it would take several pages. Hail wiped out my roof about 2-3 months after switching. After everything was settled, my $2500 deductible ended up being a check to me for $1900. I have home and auto. My two cents. Make that more than two cents.


  2. RG – We have Nationwide for home and auto. We’re dropping them the moment this ordeal is over. The adjuster made her decision solely on the striking driver’s story, and did so after Kyle returned her call twice (and left messages) with no call backs.

    I look at it this way, if you made your decision before even viewing the police report, you’re a hack and not very good at your job.


  3. In a previous job I dealt with Insurance companies. If she will not return your call ask for her manager. Don’t yell. Patiently tell your story over and over until they are sick of hearing from you. Don’t fall for their bs.


  4. I dropped Farmer’s Insurance after they settled a claim against me in Kansas a few years ago. I had stopped to help a young man who had slipped into a ditch on an icy road. I had hooked my Jeep to his rear bumper, and was pulling him out. I was on the shoulder, he was in the ditch.
    One local passed by us without difficulty (he was driving slowly because of the ice). The next one was in a hurry to get to church, driving about sixty and lost control, did a 360 spin, and went into the opposite ditch. He tore his undercarriage loose, and pretty much totaled his car. I quickly went to see if he and his wife (passenger seat) were ok. They both assured me they were ok.
    The investigating officer asked if they were ok and got the same reply. No charges were filed against either of us.
    Later, my insurance company, Farmer’s, was hit with a claim thay I had caused the accident by being stopped in the road. And they claimed medical expenses after the fact.
    Farmer’s settled for a 60-40 split, 60% my fault. And they raised my rates. And I cancelled them. We are now with Triple-A (AAA). So far, they’ve been ok.


    1. I dropped AAA(Travelers) a number of years ago. They kept raising rates pretty much every year. After we moved to a much nicer/safer area out of the city I called them to let them know that we moved and now had the cars off street and park in a garage. I figured that the rates would be lowered. Wrong. They raised them again since we drove 5 more miles to work. I checked online at GEICO to see what the same coverage cost. I thought that I made a mistake and only got a quote for one car. Nope. GEICO was the same cost for both cars that Travelers charged for one. Another plus with them happened back in about 2013. My wife hit a guy that ran a red light and totalled her car. GEICO paid our claim within days at the highest Blue Book and even went after the other guy’s insurance company and recovered our deductible. Sweet……………….


    1. We also had problems with State Farm. Kept raising our rates each year (without us filing any claims and having no accidents), and they balked at a claim when my lady was crowded in a construction zone and hit a road cone. Dropped them after they raised our rate again because of the claim.


      1. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if nationwide found me at fault for my accident. “Well sir, you were stopped on the highway…” Yes, AT A RED LIGHT, YOU STUPID TWAT!:


    1. I’m not sure if I can appeal, but even if I could, I doubt someone else would find in our favor. This case is pretty cut and dry, but they assumed Kyle was some idiot teenage driver. He went to driving school, passed the test on the first try, and is a conscientious driver.

      The only reason he completed the turn was because he was in the intersection and didn’t want to cause an accident. You’d think the woman speeding through the light would get a second look, but no.

      The thing which bothers me is she was such a c-word to Kyle and to the officer, but probably put on the innocent face with the adjuster. It disgusts me.

      (And let’s be honest; there are plenty of parents who would back up their kids no matter what. I think it’s pretty clear from my posts here that when one of my kids f**k up, I’m the first one to destroy them.)


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