The Road To Heil Education

Meet Professor Charles Meyrick, formerly of Housatonic Community College. Charles was released from his position this week, after performing his Hitler impression, complete with German subtitles.

Paul Broadie II, president of Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, on Thursday announced the firing of Charles Meyrick, saying a school investigation determined the assistant professor committed “serious misconduct.”

Meyrick acknowledged he shouted “Sieg heil,” a German phrase for “Hail victory” noted for its use at Nazi rallies, and gave a Nazi salute from his seat in the crowd in the auditorium, as a way to show the meeting’s leaders that their effort to silence his dissent was “tyrannical and wrong.”

“Mr. Meyrick’s actions took place just days after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and triggered several participants to exit the facility out of fear for their safety,” said Mark Ojakian, president of the universities system. “Our state colleges and universities aim to foster a welcoming learning environment, and these threatening actions go far beyond acceptable discourse.”

Meyrick was peeved because none of his art students were able to take over a country, wipe out its “less desirable” citizens, and declare war on its neighbors.

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