Sabrina Will Sabrok Your Faith

Meet pr0n star Sabrina Sabrok.

Sabrina is a very spiritual woman; so much so she has decided to create her own church… which is dedicated to Satan.

A porn star who wants the world’s biggest bum has claimed that she has regular chats with Devil and has reportedly set up her Satanic cult.

Argentinian adult movie star Sabrina Sabrok started ‘Sabrok Legion’ to teach others how to cast spells.

The cult offers people the chance to make pacts with the Devil and ‘Our Lady of Holy Death’ as well as learn how to cast love charms and speak with the dead.

That’s right up my alley, because I always wanted to ask Hugo Boss if he’s rotting in Hell for designing those fabulous Nazi SS uniforms.

She added: “I was an atheist, but I started to do things with Our Lady of Holy Death and it felt good so I got into a cult and later had ideas of a satanic church.

“I then set up the ‘Sabrok Legion’ because voices told me to launch a black magic cult linked to Satanism and Saint Death.”

Sabrina, have any of those voices mentioned your breasts look ridiculous? Asking for a friend.

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