The Empire Gets Struck Back

Jussie Smollett – an actor I literally never heard of until this week – received some bad news from the Chicago Police Department yesterday. After searching through hundreds of hours of surveillance footage, detectives have not found a shred of evidence regarding his alleged racist, homophobic attack by Trump supporters.

Detectives have reviewed surveillance footage of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett walking to his downtown Chicago apartment after an early morning visit to a Subway restaurant, but none of the video they’ve watched so far showed him being attacked, a police official said Wednesday.

Wow, it’s almost like the crime never happened.

Smollett, who is black and gay and who plays the gay character Jamal Lyon on the hit Fox television show, said the men beat him, subjected him to racist and homophobic insults, threw an “unknown chemical substance” on him and put a thin rope around his neck before fleeing.

So two unknown men just decided to go out in subzero temperatures carrying a noose and a bottle of bleach? Is that the story I’m supposed to believe?

“We haven’t seen anybody, at this point, matching the description he gave, nobody looks menacing and we didn’t find a container anywhere,” Guglielmi said, referring to a container for the liquid that the actor said was thrown at him.

Smollett was allegedly targeted because he is gay – because everyone knows who Jussie Smollett is, especially early in the morning, on the coldest day of the year. He also claimed this ridiculous tidbit…

Some of the outrage stems from Smollett’s account to detectives that his attackers yelled that he was in “MAGA country,” an apparent reference to the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, which some critics of the president have decried as racist and discriminatory.

Yeah Jussie, Chicago is the city which put President Trump over the top. It’s the reddest state in the union, just after Los Angeles.

Look, it’s technically possible Smollett was attacked, since he apparently had scrapes on his face and he still had the alleged noose around his neck; which is kinda odd. That said, the percentages take a nosedive when you combine the bleach claim, the “MAGA country” quote, the lack of video evidence, the fact Smollett only sought medical treatment after police advised him to do so, plus the fact neither Smollett nor his publicist uttered a word about the alleged crime since it occurred.

There have been more than a few “hate crime” claims from leftists in the past few years, and while some have been confirmed, the majority have been spread by people with an agenda. As a detective, this story has more red flags than a May Day parade.

7 thoughts on “The Empire Gets Struck Back

  1. Hmm… what’s the penalty for filing a false police report? Does he skate past responsibility just because he’s black and gay?


  2. Mike47 – In PA, it’s a second-degree misdemeanor, but Smollett is a member of the protected class – celebrities – so not only will he not be sentenced, he will never be charged.


  3. This pegged my bovine scatology meter, and now, I’ll have to recalibrate it…he couldn’t be in a more protected class, black, gay, democrat…he’ll never get charged, just reveled in his victimhood…


  4. I used to read a blog by someone that lived in Chicago & he’d talk about the animals from the bad part of town how they’d take public transportation over into “man’s country” to beat up & rob the gay men. No one would do anything because the animals were protected by their color.


  5. Doc – And if/when it turns out to be a lie, neither he nor the media will apologize. Imagine being so filled with hate you have to make up tales about being attacked. It demeans the stories of real victims.

    MelP – Think back to news stories since Trump has been arrested. Which happens more often; leftists attacking Trump supporters, or the other way around?

    Proof – “Yes officer, I totally have evidence of this, which you can’t see. Oh, by the way, turn off your body cameras.”


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