Weekend Caption Contest

These Boots Were Made For Street Walkin’ Caption Contest
(Source: Cassandra Fairbanks)

Caption this photo in the comments section. (Click the photo to get the full experience.) The winners will be posted on Monday, February 4th.

Original Caption: Wtf is @SenatorSinema wearing! Those boots look terrible with that dress, even if it was appropriate clothing for her job. They don’t even match. The colors completely clash. What on earth. If she was going to wear thigh highs with that dress they should have been grey.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. Having forgotten to change clothes from her normal nighttime job, the new Senator from Arizona arrives to begin her term. Senate staffers are seen wondering how this streetwalker got past security.


  2. I usually just label these progressives with “No morals, no ethics, no principles,” but in this case I’ll add: “No class, no taste…”


  3. Thanks, Wyatt. Now I gotta decide which is more ridiculous, this bimbo or the people that are putting glitter on their dog’s balls.


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