Pelosi 2.0: Still No Money For A Wall

Last week, when President Trump decided to reopen the government, I didn’t post about it. I made the decision because I thought it was a stupid move, and I was honestly too angry to post coherently. The president caved, and the Democrats became emboldened.

To wit:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that wall funding will not be part of ongoing congressional negotiations over border security funding in a Thursday morning press conference.

“There will not be any wall money in the legislation,” Pelosi flatly declared Thursday morning, in a major rebuke of President Donald Trump’s strategy to try and obtain border wall funding through congressional negotiations.

Trump partially shut down the U.S. government for nearly three weeks in order to force Pelosi and Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to come up with a funding agreement for a southern border wall. Democrats, however, remained united in their demand they would only offer Trump $1.6 billion in border security funding, despite his request for $5.7 billion, which could not be used for the wall.

The president’s only recourse now is to shut down the government and leave it closed until the Democrats release the entire $5.7 billion. The national emergency plan is a pipe dream, because if the president takes that route, it’ll be held up in the courts until the end of his presidency.

Shut it down, and keep it down until the border wall is funded. Period. Full stop.

THE GOOD NEWS: Virginia Governor and Infanticide Purveyor Ralph Northam is being called on – by fellow Democrats – to resign after photos surfaces of him wearing blackface and a KKK uniform. Bill and Susan Kristol hardest hit.

6 thoughts on “Pelosi 2.0: Still No Money For A Wall

  1. Trump had to learn the same lesson Reagan did.

    As for that governor. I hope EVERY Republican uses this as a hammer whenever something “bad” happens & the Dems start the drum beat that he needs to resign. Yeah, I know, they won’t, but I can dream, right?


  2. Pelosi is a special kind of stupid.
    Doofus cnn referred to Northham as a republican. I sooooo enjoyed proving to my lib sister that he is in FACT a dem.


  3. According to multiple sources, Trump can get the wall built without congress. Shifting unused funds from other parts of the government and using the military to build it is just one option, or so I’ve read. I suspect he was just giving the dems one last chance to play ball. They just did the Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown once too often. He’ll get it done.


  4. MelP – I was amazed this clown not only didn’t resign, but claimed it wasn’t him after he confirmed it was earlier. The balls on these people.

    Cathy – Those aren’t mistakes. CNN put that out there to start a narrative, and gullible people like your sister bought it.

    TXNick – I sincerely hope so. We lost Texas to illegal voters, we’ll never win another presidential election. Oh, and UD won their first game today, beating UL Lafayette 27-10. 🙂

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