It’s Dallas!

Kyle officially made his college decision, and he has decided to commit to the University of Dallas. The choice was not too difficult, because Kyle loved the city, the school, and his prospective teammates. There was only one hiccup: the coach who recruited him left for another school a few months ago.

Thankfully, the new coach was still interested in Kyle playing lacrosse for him, and offered his a spot on the roster.

Academically, Dallas is a great school. USNews & World Report ranks UD #14 in Regional Universities West, #4 in Best Value Schools, and it is ranked as the 5th Most Conservative College in Texas. There are always concerns when your child goes to college, but I’m fairly sure indoctrination won’t be a problem here.

So, it looks like Kyle will be buying a pickup truck, a rifle, and a giant belt buckle next August, while his father works copious amounts of overtime to pay for it all. (Although, he did receive a $12,000/year academic scholarship.)

15 thoughts on “It’s Dallas!

  1. Congrats to Kyle!! You are raising a man and not some snowflake and should be proud! He will meet some really beautiful girls at school so be ready, dad!


  2. Boots, hat, buckle, pickup (or a Jeep Wrangler) are not really required. Just a warm, friendly attitude which Kyle already has. He’ll be a Texan by the end of the first semester.

    And my Lady & I are looking forward to cheering him and the team on. Welcome, Kyle!

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  3. Jim – Mrs. Earp was browsing teh innerwebz and it was ranked one of the Top Five Catholic Colleges in America. So the indoctrination factor is low.

    RG – He received a $12,000/year scholarship, so he’ll be paying about half price every year. Still a lot off money, but his grades really came in handy.

    Ronni – The campus is chock full of them. Thee Police Chief told Kyle the campus is almost 70% female, so that’s a selling point.

    Cathy – I suspect he’ll be ordering chicken and waffles often. 🙂

    INPiker – Thank you. Mrs. Earp is already worried about “her baby,” but I trust him, his teammates, and the people there. They police their own.

    Mike47 – I think he’s happy the search is over. This has been really stressful for him. And for us.

    TXNick – Thank you. The university already sent him his school email account. I had no idea they did that, but it’s been nearly 28 years since I was in college.


  4. Doc – Thank you. During his junior year, his social studies teacher asked everyone to take a quiz to find where you were on the political spectrum. Kyle came in as “very conservative.” I think he’ll be okay.


  5. Jenn – Great school, and an up and coming lax program. Plus, hee won’t be playing lacrosse in the snow. 🙂

    MelP – Thank you. He’s also a Dallas Stars fan, so he’ll try to see a game or two.

    Jimbro – Thanks. I’m making him take a bus there. It’ll build character. 🙂


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