Kevin’s Art

After my youngest son completed his school cookie recipe assignment, a few of you asked if I could post some of Kevin’s art. Kevin agreed, and here are a few artwork cutouts from South Park from last month.

Kevin completed (left to right) Kyle, Kenny, and Stan. He has not yet completed Eric Cartman, but I’m sure that’s on the way. I apologize for the background; that’s our ironing board, because the table was covered in laundry I need to fold.

On a side note, my coworkers at the time insisted I name Kevin Stan or Kenny, so I could have three of the four South Park kids.

6 thoughts on “Kevin’s Art

  1. Very cool. He definitely ought to go into a field that makes people laugh since we don’t seem to do as much of that as we should. If it’s any consolation, I know how to make stick figures.


  2. That little dude is some kind of artist. I also a cool pic of him with a six shooter. I love those things. Now excuse me while I go watch reruns of “Rawhide” on MeTV. Thought I was gonna say “Excuse me while I whip this out”, didn’t you?


  3. RG – Kevin spent much of his morning – after karate – playing Tony Hawk’s Project 8. Kid is a video game genius.

    TXNick – Larson may be my all-time favorite cartoonist.

    Tam – I did, actually! The photo is from Tombstone in 2016, after a reenactment of the O.K.Corral gunfight. Blanks, obviously. All the kids took a photo holding it, and all of them didn’t put their fingers anywhere near the trigger.


  4. He is a good artist, Wyatt. What do his teachers say about his ability? I know my daughter managed to get $5000/yr art scholarship each year for college. He could score some $$$ toward his college years if that is what he chooses.


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