A Devil Of A Time

As I mentioned yesterday, the Earp clan (plus Kyle’s friend Nate) traveled to Newark, NJ to take in the New Jersey Devils/Buffalo Sabres game. Nate is a Sabres fan for some reason, and since he scored free Phillies tickets for Kyle over the summer, we wanted to pay him back.

The drive wasn’t nearly as bad as previous trips to the Prudential Center, where four of the previous five drives were during snowstorms. The only issue for me was the cellulitis, which broke out last night at work. I slept for 14 hours, my fever broke three times, and everything still hurts.

The seats were great. Second level, third row, and while the Devils are having a godawful season, Buffalo is a beatable team.

With that out of the way, let me tell you about the people surrounding us. There was a man sitting in front of me with a hairstyle the guy in The 40-Year Old Virgin would describe as a Jewfro. He looked like that annoying kid from Stranger Things, with his giant unkempt hair. Dude, if I wanted to spend $40 dollars to NOT see professional hockey, I’d buy Ottawa Senators tickets!

Unfortunately, the Jewfro guy was not my biggest obstacle. There was an old guy sitting behind me with an unruly goatee and a piss-poor attitude. The man was wearing a Devils jersey, and he placed duct tape where the last name goes, and wrote, “We Stink.” While he’s not wrong, he was just so obnoxious about it, and everything else under the sun.

Grumpy Grampa spent the entire game spouting his inane opinions, which ranged from “This guy sucks,” to “Devils suck,” to “That guy sucks.” And he wasn’t subtle about it; the entire section heard him, and you could see people were becoming annoyed. Dude, if you hate the Devils so much, why waste your money. Stay home and yell at the television, you bloated douche canoe!

Kevin asked me what the guy’s problem is, and I told him being a fan of a sports team means you’re with the team when they’re playing well, but more importantly, when they’re playing poorly. My example was my Baltimore Orioles fandom. It’s not easy, but when they win, it’s exhilarating.

The Devils played a very good game, and Cory Schneider – the goalie Grumpy Grampa trashed for an hour – came away with a 4-1 win. I giggled inside thinking about the agita he received when the game was over.

4 thoughts on “A Devil Of A Time

  1. Other than hiding in my bedroom closet is there any place where assholes are not allowed? Next dog I get will be trained to pee on them with a hand signal.


  2. Cathy – There were seven of us, and Kyle and Nate were at the opposite end of me. At the end of the game, they both said, “Was that guy ever going to shut up?”

    Proof – The only time I rooted against them was ’83, when they crushed the Phillies in the World Series. Cal is my favorite all-time baseball player – Jeter is a close second – and I was lucky enough to attend games at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards.


  3. Fun times. You would think the really obnoxious folks would be in the cheap seats, but no. One season at the Oakland Coliseum there was a very loud fan near us. He was so bad that he had to bring a different friend each game. And that is saying something at a Raider Game. About 3 games into the season the lady next to us leans over and says “these seats would be really nice if it wasn’t for that guy”. Luckily the next season he was somewhere else. Hopefully with cement shoes on.


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