It’s President’s Day

President’s Day is arguably the dumbest American holiday of all time.

We used to honor the birthdays of our greatest presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – and now we lump Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and John Adams with people like James Buchanan, Warren Harding, and Barack Obama.

Dennis Prager has an interesting take on the change:

Thanks to Presidents Day, young people today have no idea on which day George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were born. Generations past all knew. This is a loss.

Some believe the change was made to give lazy Americans more three-day weekends, but in my opinion, the change was implemented so every president could be honored, no matter how feckless and incompetent. It’s another example of Everyone Gets A Trophy, and shouldn’t we expect better from our presidents?

Apparently not.


4 thoughts on “It’s President’s Day

  1. I agree, Wyatt. To place Jimmy Carter on the same level as Lincoln, Washington or Reagan is NUTS! Many kids today have absolutely no clue when it comes to American History. The schools are much too busy being “inclusive” to teach true history or civics!


  2. Ronni – Benjamin Harrison was in office for a month. It’s sad he died, but he is honored – along with plenty of other subpar presidents (see also: Millard Fillmore and John Tyler). Washington and Lincoln. End it there.

    Cathy – The only good part about three day weekends when you have to work holidays.


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