Just Place The Pillow Over My Face

Well, the cellulitis is back with a raging vengeance.

It started Saturday night at work. My back started feeling awful – it always gives me pain right up the spine – and my sergeant told me to go home when she could hear my teeth chattering. Naturally, being a stubborn idiot, I refused, and said I’d suck it up for the last two hours. Big mistake.

When I walked out of the building, it was about twenty degrees outside. The chattering got worse, and my car’s heat usually kicks in when I pull onto my street. I slept in a long-sleeved shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and three covers that night. The fever broke a few times, but the pain remained.

I drove to the Devils game and back, and thought I was past the worst of it. I ended up getting about five hours sleep Sunday night, and when I woke up, I couldn’t put weight on my left leg. The swelling was really bad. I tried to help a bit around the house, but walking up stairs made me sweat.

It’s puzzling because I haven’t had an outbreak since October of 2017, so I assumed I was good to go. Apparently, the little bitch is still in my system, making my life a living hell. I am due back to work tomorrow morning, but that’s not likely. Right now, my target date is Thursday. Until then, I’ll have posts ready, but if I’m scarce around here, it’s because I’m trying to rest.

6 thoughts on “Just Place The Pillow Over My Face

  1. Recipe for “Hot Toddy” :

    1 Oz. of your favorite whiskey
    1 Slice lemon
    1 TBSP Honey
    Hot water

    Put ingredients in coffee cup, add hot water to fill. Sip toddy until gone. Repeat as necessary.

    Get well soon. Take care of yourself, we’ll be ok ’til you recover.


  2. Ronni – Thanks. I can put weight on my leg today, but it still hurts like a mother.

    TXNick – I’m considering whiskey today, and maybe tomorrow since all schools are already canceled for the impending snowstorm. Bunch of wusses in this town.


  3. Been off a couple of days, got here late, so just caught up. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Sucks big time. Hope you recover soon.


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