Everything Is Problematic

A Wisconsin high school is coming under fire from media scolds after inappropriate awards were given to the cheerleading squad.

A cheerleading coach at a Wisconsin high school defended prizes given to her students that included the “Big Boobie Award” and the “Big Booty Award”. The awards were given out at a banquet attended by more than 100 people, including parents at the school, according to the New York Times.

Normally I would say this is completely inappropriate, but I was assuming the coach was a male. The coach in this case is a female, so I honestly cannot understand the uproar.

At least four adults at the ceremony complained to Tremper High School about the awards, including parents and the school’s former track coach, Patti Hupp. “I feel that I need to tell you this for the protection of these girls,” Hupp wrote to the school’s principal, adding it was easy to see “that this is extremely degrading to women.” When the Big Boobie award was handed out, the coach said the girl in question risked concussion when she ran due to her “enormous boobs”.

Although the students who won prizes did not complain about the awards, which were given out in March 2018, other students at the ceremony said they were unhappy.

So wait, the coach is female, and the winners didn’t complain about the awards? If the only ones complaining are girls who didn’t win, why it this an international news story?

4 thoughts on “Everything Is Problematic

  1. Mike47 – Agreed. And again, if it was a male coach making the statements, okay, MAYBE that’s out of bounds. In this case it was girl-on-girl action, so to speak.


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