Phil The Shill

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (above) and his leftist cronies are creating a bill which would force presidential candidates off the state ballot if they refuse to produce their tax returns.

New Jersey state lawmakers moved forward Thursday with a bill that could force President Donald Trump to disclose his tax returns. The Democrat-controlled state Senate voted along partisan lines, 23-11, to advance the measure to the General Assembly. One Democrat did not vote.

The bill, NJ S119 (18R), would require candidates for president and vice president to disclose their tax returns for the previous five years in order to appear on the ballot in New Jersey. The measure would also bar New Jersey’s electors from casting votes for a candidate who did not submit the returns.

Let’s pretend for a moment this bill is not completely and utterly unconstitutional, and assume all candidates hand in their forms. Now say a state like Texas decides a candidate may not appear on the ballot if they never had a job in the public sector in the last ten years (a thought proposed by local conservative talker Rich Zeoli). Every single declared candidate would be pushed off the ballot except Howard Schultz. Do you see the idiocy here?

If not, you can at least see the Democrats’ hypocrisy.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Morris) tried to force an amendment that would have expanded the measure to apply the same requirements to candidates for governor, state Senate and Assembly. His effort was quickly knocked down by the Democrats, who hold a solid majority in the upper house.

In case you never heard of Phil Murphy – probable, since the MSM never mentions his scandals – one of his aides allegedly raped a staffer during the 2017 gubernatorial election. Not only did Murphy not fire the alleged rapist, but he also ignored the victim’s pleas for help.

But yes, Phil, address the real problems of new Jersey… like tax returns. Douche.

9 thoughts on “Phil The Shill

  1. I am having a problem getting past that nasty set of teeth he has. The guy looks like someone you would find outside your house trying to peek inside your bedroom windows.


  2. And this is just one of the many reasons that the state of my birth is not the state where I live. Say what you want about Florida (and I know there is plenty to say), but we have Ron DeSanis, Rick Scott, Sheriff Grady Judd and Marco, better than the alternatives, Rubio. Remember my NJ friends, if the taxes don’t get you the corrupt pols will.

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  3. A word to all the liberals leaving blue states:
    Leave your leftist voting habits in your home state. Otherwise, you’ll be moving again in a few years due to the socialist policies (tax and give away to ne’er do wells) your elected politicians enact. In other words, “Don’t Kalifornicate Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.”

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  4. Ronni – Murphy is a charter member in the Big Book of British Smiles.

    Jim – Florida is still a borderline red state. New Jersey is lost forever. I may have mentioned this a week or two ago, but we can’t afford to ho to Sea Isle City anymore. The “renter’s tax” Murphy put in raised weekly rates by $1,000 or more. We’ll try Ocean City, MD or the Outer Banks, I guess.

    Cathy – Wow, that’s a great catch!

    TXNick – Amen. It’s already happening in Arizona and Florida. I pray Texas remains unaffected.


  5. Jim – That’s where we’re looking. Ocean City, MD has homes, but we’d have upstairs neighbors. Virginia Beach is ridiculously expensive. OB has rentals close to the beach and they’re surprisingly reasonably priced.


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