Horse Trading

Every time I think Philly strongman Jim Kenney is the worst mayor in America, I am reminded that New York City’s communist is still the biggest jackass in the nation.

In 1941, mad that the city had thwarted his plan to build a bridge through Battery Park, highway impresario Robert Moses closed the park’s beloved aquarium in retaliation. Eight decades later, Mayor de Blasio is following the same formula: Angry that he can’t ban Central Park’s horse carriages, he’s inflicting a transportation disaster on that park.

Why has he launched a misadventure to rip up roadways in the southern part of the park, a project nobody wants and serves no purpose? Likely because he owes a debt.

De Blasio promised he would rid the city of horse carriages the day he was elected, because really, doesn’t everyone despise horse-drawn carriages? /eyeroll

Nearly two weeks ago, city crews arrived at the south end of the park, near Fifth Avenue, to begin ripping up blocks of roadway. Buried in court documents (the carriage drivers are suing) is what this goal actually requires: “new street designs.”

Across the southern park, the city will rip up ­median strips, move paving stones, replumb and move a heavy water trough and reconfigure a one-way lane in the middle of Central Park to be two-way. Just outside the park, the city will rearrange bus stops and car-parking spots and give the space the horses had to cars.

Normally this story would really bother me, but honestly, the leftists in New York City deserve a mayor who represents their deranged values.

4 thoughts on “Horse Trading

  1. New York is going the drain just like San Francisco. The good part is illegals don’t mind living in shit-holes and they vote dem so all is good.


    1. I’m glad my state is good for something. Too bad is something not good. On another note, I bet there was less horse poop in New York City than there is on one block of San FranFreakShow.

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  2. Cathy – Yeah, I feel badly for the good people there, but they had their chance to get out and never took it.

    TXNick – They would need a convention of states for that, but hey good luck. Maybe this is the fight they’ll win. Lulz. The next civil war is gonna be epic. And finished within a week.

    RG – Well for one thing, the horses poop in NYC as opposed to San Francisco humans.


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