Antisemitism Is Back In Style

Congressional Republicans are demanding Minnesota Jew-hating representative Ilhan Omar be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee in light of her recent, frequent antisemitic remarks.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said Tuesday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should strip Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar of her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in an interview with Fox News. Omar has been accused recently of pushing anti-Semitic tropes.

House Democratic leaders plan on bringing a resolution condemning anti-Semitism to the floor Wednesday presumably because of the backlash Omar has faced. The text of the resolution reportedly does not mention her by name.

In a completely unrelated story, Somali gangs are waging war in Minneapolis. Seriously, what the hell happened to Minnesota?

Omar has received backlash for several comments related to Israel. She recently shared her sentiments regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict and the “dual loyalty” she feels like members of Congress have to Israel over the weekend. Many of her colleagues, including some on the Foreign Affairs Committee with her, have condemned her statements.

As of yesterday evening, the House Democrats’ resolution has been put on hold. The Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus are demanding a delay.

Interesting how those who call their political opponents Nazis cannot agree to decry antisemitism.

3 thoughts on “Antisemitism Is Back In Style

  1. This is the most disgusting thing! If this were a member of the GOP, they would have been stripped of office by now. As previously noted, if the dems didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all!! Our country is changing and not for the better!


  2. “what the hell happened to Minnesota?” Saw a video over on Twitter this AM, showing a multi-million dollar complex being built in West Virginia, with modern state of the art housing, plans for a mosque, despite the state being in debt, and having to displace all the black and white people who lived there, who were moved to substandard housing down the road, all to accommodate refugees.
    Time to cut back on immigration until we can achieve a little more assimilation.


  3. Ronni – Agreed. They went after Rep. King for language not nearly as bad is Oman’s – in my opinion – but when it’s one of their own, crickets.

    Proof – AOSHQ had a story claiming a construction company would build 200+ miles of the wall for $1.4 billion. I think the president should take them up on that.


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