Sunday Services

Today’s services revolve around Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ross Ackles (March 1, 1978) is an American actor and director. He has appeared on television as Dean Winchester in The CW horror series Supernatural, Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, Alec/X5-494 in Dark Angel and Jason Teague in Smallville. He also starred as the lead in the box office success My Bloody Valentine 3D and voiced Jason Todd in the popular animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Supernatural was a really good show for its time. I think it’s still on reruns on TBS or one of the other stations. There are more photos below the fold…

Ackles is a handsome lad, and he certainly keeps himself in good shape.

Of course, Jensen also wears leather well. I wear it like a cheap steak.

And again, I figured less clothing is more fun for the ladies.

The services have ended. You may now go in peace.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Supernatural is still going strong. They are currently in season 14, and the next episode airs Monday. Though I only discovered it via streaming services recently. (In 2005 when it started, I was living on a boat with no TV.) My library has some of the seasons on DVD as well. But I won’t be up to season 14 for long time.


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