The Most Laxerful Time Of The Year

Kyle (Left) Going To Work During A Faceoff

Kyle and Erik’s high school lacrosse season officially began yesterday with their home opener. As a freshman, Erik is playing on the JV team, and he did well for his first high school contest. He played attack as well as midfield, and barely missed scoring what would be the tying goal.

Sadly, the JV team lost, 2-1, but Erik did well.

Kyle’s day was more trying. They lost by a score of 5-4 to a team they should have dominated, but the new head coach felt the best way to win a home opener is stack the varsity squad with underclassmen and new players.

Kyle got in a good number shifts, but he took zero – ZERO – face-offs. That role went to a brand new player, who finished the day winning only five face-offs out of thirteen. Judging by what I saw of the other team’s face-off guy – Kyle would have doubled those wins. Easily.

Obviously, Kyle was pissed after the game. The team lost, he was wide open a number of times and his teammates refused to pass to him, and he was unable to get in any face-off work – which is why the University of Dallas wanted him.

I blame myself for a lot of this, because I disagreed with the previous coach on many things – most notably the fact he was a terrible coach – and this new clown is continuing the grudge. Either that, or he wants the team to lose games, because no one in their right mind would keep the statistically best face-off player on the sidelines. It is inconceivable to me a four-year senior, a kid who has done everything he’s been asked, to be treated this poorly.

So let’s recap. Kyle was recruited heavily by a Division II program and two Division III programs, and saw looks from many other II and III schools. He was one of two face-off guys for the South Jersey Saints, one of the best club lacrosse programs in New Jersey. Plus, he was asked to submit his name to the Saints because they are interesting in adding Kyle as an assistant face-off coach this summer.

But for some reason, Kyle is not good enough to take face-offs at a school which has three combined wins since 2016. Seems legit.

6 thoughts on “The Most Laxerful Time Of The Year

  1. I hated the nepotism and good ole boys network in high school sports… saw many fine players quit one sport or the other due to crap like that


  2. Keep looking forward to next year and playing for UD. I’m certain the coach there will exploit Kyle’s abilities. And I may retire next year, just so I can cheer him on each game.


  3. INPiker – My kids and I always had a deal; you start a season, you finish it, no matter what. He’ll power through it, but he angrily asked me, “How am I supposed to be a face-off guy for UD when my current coach refuses to let me take face-offs?”

    TXNick – Nice. I think he’s worried this will jeopardize his spot on the UD team. Suffice to say, this is not an ideal situation, but there’s nothing he ca do.


      1. I really don’t want to be the meddling dad, but next time I talk to Kyle’s club coach I’ll ask his opinion on whether to bother the UD coach or not.


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