True Detective Stories

In February, I was stuck on a five-day jury trial. Since the case was during my night shift, the day court appearances meant overtime. In five days, I made a killing, but the rush hour traffic, stress of court, and sleep deprivation killed me.

Today, the cycle begins anew.

I am listed for another jury trial this week, Monday through Friday. I am night work through Wednesday evening, and finish court on my two days off – Thursday and Friday. Hooray. Again, the OT will be fabulous, but the money is never worth it when you’re getting home at 11:30pm, only to be up by 6:45am.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’ll be a zombie most of the week. Many of the posts will be written beforehand, and I’ll be scarce in the comments section.

So, you know, try not to wreck the place, and make sure you feed my fish.

6 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. I still frequently find myself working 7/12 for weeks (sometimes months) on these jobs. At least it is a sit-down job. But it is mentally stressful.
    Needless to say, I can sympathize. Hang tough, Mate. Enjoy the paychecks.


  2. Ronni – I-95 was a nightmare. What usually takes an hour to get to court, took an hour to get halfway. The department is giving discipline notices if you are one minute late for court, so I had to call out sick, turn around, and go home. Plus, i lost at least two hours OT and two vacation hours.

    TXNick – A fellow detective said this guy – who “allegedly” robbed and shot the victim – is getting offered a plea deal by the DA. This is my shocked face. I suspect my notices for the week may be canceled now.

    Cathy – Or airfare for Kyle to get to and from Dallas. 🙂


  3. Mike – Yesterday, a judge threw out six – SIX – gun cases. All possession, and all were explained away with, “He deserves a second chance.” SIX!!!


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