Way To Kick Open That Tinderbox

The dating site Tinder – yeah, “dating” site – is cracking down on the site’s dirty filthy liars. In other words, men. Tinder announced it will now obtain “height verification,” because apparently that’s the size men always lie about.

Sorry fellas, dating app Tinder is introducing a new tool that will verify a user’s height. It’s the “thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted — Tinder Height Verification,” the company said.

Of course there is a good amount of lying and embellishment on Tinder and dating apps to begin with and one of the biggest lies men tell is that they are over 6-feet tall. No more, Tinder says.

“It’s come to our attention that most of you 5-foot-10ers out there are actually 5-foot-6. The charade must stop,” the company said on their blog.

Kyle actually brought this story to my attention, and asked the same question I had. “So, is there going to be a weight verification for the women?”

6 thoughts on “Way To Kick Open That Tinderbox

  1. My nephew who lives in San Fran works for Tinder. He said this was an April Fool’s Day joke that really backfired on them. Evidently it really ticked people off. Heaven forbid anyone should have to give the correct height and weight. If I ever got on one of those sites, I’d post my high school and college pics.


  2. Ronni – There were more than a few stories about it, and yes, apparently people were fuming. I guess no one has a calendar.

    TXNick – Yeah, self-awareness is no longer a thing.


  3. Age verification of pics would be nice. I’m 6’3″, so I don’t have to lie about my height. But it would be nice if everyone were required to post a recent photo, so if you end up meeting them, you can pick them out of a lineup!


  4. Proof – Apparently that’s a thing Years old photos on profile pages. Because that’s a good idea.

    BTW, I’m also 6’3″… horizontally.


    1. I used to be on Match years and years ago, but when you leave them, they keep your profile up, to make it look like they have more members than they do, or to entice you to return. Their computers index your age every year, but they are still running the pictures I posted about fifteen years ago.
      Every now and then they notify me that someone emailed me (and of course, I could see the email if I ponied up a membership fee!)
      But all things considered, the ladies must think I look pretty fly for a fella my age!


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