True Detective Stories

Well, it’s day four of my week-long court case, and at this point I am exhausted. My best friend – bed – and I are not on speaking terms, and I am averaging five hours’ sleep this week.

You see, I arrive home from night work at around 11:30pm. It takes me at least another hour to wind down, so I am not actually in bed until nearly 1am. The alarm is set for 6:30am so I can get in the shower before Kyle.

The drive to court takes an hour – screw you, rush hour – and when I’m finished in court, it’s another hour home. I get a couple hours at home before getting ready for night work again. It’s a vicious cycle, which has me completely drained.

I am so very tired. I just want to sleep for ten hours and recover. One of my coworkers saw me leaning against the corridor wall with my head back and said, “Dude, are you sleeping standing up?” Since I don’t remember what said initially, the answer was yes.

Today and tomorrow are my days off this week, and I’ll be spending them downtown. Saturday morning Ballroom Dancing Class for Kevin starts at 9, and I go back to work Saturday night. At this point, my only chance of more than five hours’ sleep is Saturday into Sunday.

Look, I know court appearances are part of the job, but when the ADAs send you a week’s worth of notices while you’re working night work, the money doesn’t seem worth it.

5 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. My suggestion is make sure you have thought about extra vitamins. I’ve found that I get sick a lot easier when I’m physically drained, so I’ve learned to take something like Airborne to boost the immune system. Just a thought, for what it’s worth.


  2. RG – Wouldn’t matter. I’d vote guilty and the judge would just throw out the case anyway.

    Mike47 – I’ll try that. What worries me is the constant headaches. I’m not working tonight, so I’ll bee able to get a solid eight hours. In theory.

    Proof – I’m likely taking Saturday off from blogging. Tomorrow will be a recovery day – after court – and I go back Saturday night. I’ll skip posts Saturday and put out Sunday Services the next day.


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