Just A Reminder…

I’m taking the day off from blogging so I catch up on my sleep before I go back to work. Thee last five days have been grueling, the headaches are frequent, and my head, overall, hurts. So, to keep my sanity, I am taking the day off.

Sunday Services will be posted at its usual time tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.

8 thoughts on “Just A Reminder…

  1. RG – This will shock you, but the DA offered a plea. For a shooting, robbery and other counts. You see, he was just turning his life around.


    1. If you’re going to offer a plea, offer it and move on. Don’t make everyone go through a week long trial. Glad to see you have a fine staff of DA’s there in Philly.

      The worst beating I ever had resulted in lots of cops and lots of bad guys going to the hospital. Multiple felony count arrests were made. When it was all over, our DA didn’t offer a deal, he just dropped the charges. Did I mention he didn’t even read the police report? I have little use for those people. (In actuality, it was a racial thing. The perps were mostly American Indians and several weeks before some Indians killed a couple of FBI agents, so the DA thought we were oppressing them.) The only good DA we ever had was a guy who spend ten years as a sheriff’s deputy while he put himself through law school. That guy was a great attorney and understood what the cops went through.


  2. Cathy – I should have slept all day. So far, we’ve had a homicide, two shootings, a carjacking, two assaults on police and a robbery. And I still have three hours until my shift is over.

    Proof – Slack is my middle name.


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