Happy Birthday Kari!

Today is my friend Kari’s birthday.

Kari is not simply a friend, mind you; she’s a hard-working mom, loving wife to my friend Kevin, and godmother to my son Kevin. In short, she’s family.

She was also our host in Arizona three years ago, where she made ridiculous breakfast burritos – the kids still rave about them – took us to the Grand Canyon, and welcomed us into her home.

The distance between Arizona and Pennsylvania kinda sucks, but we always stay in touch, and Kari’s husband Kevin – jerk that he is – won our fantasy hockey league Saturday night. So we can’t ever go back to Arizona.

Kari’s gift is below the fold…

Because nothing says happy birthday like Henrik Lundqvist.

Thee New York Rangers goaltender is Kari’s fave.

Happy birthday Kari. Enjoy your day!

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