Tripping The Light Fantastic

Many of you know Kevin has been taking ballroom dance lessons at his school. A few months ago, the team took gold in the preliminaries, then earned a bronze in the finals. Afterward, the program offered a half-year program which consisted of an hour lesson every week.

Kevin jumped at the chance.

The instructors went over the basic dances – waltz, merengue, foxtrot, swing, and tango – then added a few more – including the salsa – while improving on the others. Of the dozen kids in Kevin’s class, six were from his school, so he was surrounded by friends.

Sunday was the Ballroom Dance Festival downtown, and while I was unable to attend – work – Mrs. Earp was in attendance. With the exception of one partner who had literally no clue about the dance steps, Kevin did very well and had a lot of fun.

Afterward, Mrs. Earp too a photo of Kevin and his friends Alyssa and Bayani. Alyssa always gives Kevin the giggles by raising her eyebrows at him when they dance. She thinks Kevin is too serious.

Congratulations to all!

6 thoughts on “Tripping The Light Fantastic

  1. Congrats to Kevin! It’s great he enjoys this. Professional dancers are very fit people. It is great exercise for both body and mind.


  2. With his artistic talents, next he’ll be designing the clothing for his dance competitions. I would like to see that! Especially if he draws some cartoons of his on them. Well done on the dance competition. I would learn to dance, but I have two left feet.


  3. Merengue? Now you have me hankering to watch one of my all time favorite comedies. And tell Kevin to watch where he puts his hands……….


  4. Ronni – Between that and karate, he’ll be set for life.

    RG – I’m still waiting for that, but I assume it’ll happen.

    Tam – “I had to learn to jump start ambulances, to get invalids to the dialysis machines.” I already showed it to Kevin, and I have the DVD at home. Arguably Steve Martin’s best film, IMO.


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