Dems Get Ready To Rumble

Like most of the civilized world, Nancy Pelosi has had enough of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

USA Today published a profile of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today which focused on her efforts to keep the far-left elements of her caucus from making life miserable for everyone else. Though Pelosi didn’t mention her by name, she did allude to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as someone who has a lot of Twitter followers but not much in the way of actual votes:

“While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House,” Pelosi said. Ocasio-Cortez has almost 4 million followers on Twitter.

When USA TODAY asked how more liberal members responded when she told them they needed legislation that could pass, she responded, “They’re fine.”

“As I say to my own district, ‘You go out and elect 218 people, just like San Francisco, then we can talk,’ ” she said. (H/TAOSHQ)

I am honestly surprised it took Pelosi five months to speak out about this unintelligent imbecile. Of course, if the Democrats had reined in AOC, Omar and Tlaib, they could have avoided this mess from the jump. That said, the Democrat-on-Democrat violence is a pleasure to behold.

5 thoughts on “Dems Get Ready To Rumble

  1. I am hoping the circular firing squad continues for the dems. It makes for interesting drama. On the other hand, I wish the GOP never-Trumpers would stop firing shots at the Trump supporters in the party and at the president.


  2. Ronni – In my opinion, the NeverTrumpers are worse than the Democrats, because they know better. Their egos won’t allow them to give Trump credit for anything.

    Cathy – Probably exchanged it with testosterone, considering the balls she’s showing lately.

    TXNick – AOC is arguably the dumbest person ever elected to office. Light years dumber than Alan Grayson.


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