Happy Little Caffeine

My last few weeks have been overflowing with stress. Work is positively unbearable, Kyle is still getting screwed by his lacrosse coach, and I’m going to be fifty in eleven days. That’s no reason to stay down in the dumps, however, especially if I’m holding a Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink.

When you think of the calm, soothing experience of Bob Ross, you might not initially think of energy drinks. But you’ll recall that after gently guiding you on a journey of color and kindness, this peaceful painter would go full-throttle to beat the devil out his brushes to clean them.

Even though Bob Ross the man is gone, his positive energy drink is here to give you a boost when you need it. With a fizzy berry flavor and a substantial dose of caffeine, ginseng, guarana, and a complex of B-vitamins, Bob Ross’s legacy can still give you a boost of positive energy to go about your day.

At just $3.99 a can, I think my birthday present should include, oh I don’t know, ten cases.

10 thoughts on “Happy Little Caffeine

    1. I turn 50 on the 16th. I knew we were close in age, didn’t realize it was quite that close. Happy almost birthday.


  1. Next month, I’ll be 8 years older than you, sonny boy! And if I need a caffeine boost, I’ll have a cup of Death Wish coffee


  2. MelP – Only eight years? I assumed you were much, much older than me. 🙂

    Jim – I drink one small cup off coffee – black – from Wawa on the way to work on day shift. That’s my limit.


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