Put Another Pimp On The Barbie

After reading about Connecticut’s burning baseball field, the good people of Australia have cried out, “Challenge accepted. Hold my Foster’s!”

A man, 23, and woman, 31, boarded a public Hunter Valley Bus last Friday morning about 9.50am in Lake Macquarie on their way to Toronto. Some time into their journey, the couple began masturbating. They then took off their clothes and engaged in other lewd acts on the bus, which had other travellers on board.

When the driver, 59, became aware of the activity, he asked them to stop and get off the bus. At this point, the man and woman became verbally aggressive. The man spat at the driver before he got off the bus with the woman at Warners Bay.

After being kicked off the first bus, the couple tried to board a second bus which pulled up where they’d been thrown out.

They are certainly a tenacious couple. I like their spunk. Phrasing.

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