Democrats Demand Mueller Report Early

I have a response to that request. F**k. You.

If you weren’t already convinced the Democrats are the party of hypocrisy, this article will most certainly solidify your opinion.

Many Democratic Party leaders expressed outrage at the revelation that Attorney General William Barr will host a press conference Thursday morning, prior to the Mueller report being sent to members of Congress.

The nerve of a government law enforcement official holding a presser prior to a report being released! you’d never see James Comey doing that before the Clinton “investigation” rolled out, amirite?

After nearly two years of investigation, a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia is set to be released mid-day on Thursday.

Many Dems have criticized the order of these events, suggesting that Barr will simply summarize the report and potentially add his own spin on it in an effort to “shape the public’s perception of the report,” according to House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff.

Which is exactly why you and your leftist congresscritters want the report first, you lousy pencil-necked hack! Sweet Jeebus, these people are out of control.

3 thoughts on “Democrats Demand Mueller Report Early

  1. It amazes me that they are still refusing to accept the results of the election. If the GOP had behaved like this with Obama, there would have been hell to pay. And, of course, now they want to abolish the electoral college so that New York and California can reign supreme and usher in socialism for the whole country. The GOP needs to grow a spine and start hitting back instead of rolling over and playing dead!


  2. Cathy – No collusion, no obstruction, and still Jerry Nadler is calling for impeachment. Go for it, dude.

    Ronni – It is interesting the only person really fighting back is the president. The rest of them are cowering in the corner of their offices.


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