Throw Them In The Cooler!

Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re stuck in work, trapped in some boring meeting, and you desperately need some alcohol. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

You can excuse yourself, run to the janitor’s closet and guzzle some rubbing alcohol, or you could pop open your “laptop bag” and drink your stress away!

This is the $39 StowCo Cooler. The closed cell foam insulated bag is large enough to hold either ten cans, six bottles, or three wine bottles, and keep them cold for up to five hours without the need for ice or a level 2 cooling spell. Plus it doesn’t even look like a cooler so nobody expects you to be guzzling beers out of the thing. That comes in handy when nobody else brought beer to the party.

Considering the events at work this past week, I am ordering three of these babies.

4 thoughts on “Throw Them In The Cooler!

  1. These would also be great for road trips as long as you aren’t the driver. Of course, in that case, it would keep your water or soft drink cold. I think I will head on over to Amazon and purchase one.


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