Sunday Services

Today’s services revolve around my mother’s all-time favorite actor: Mark Harmon.

Thomas Mark Harmon (September 2, 1951) is an American television and film actor. He has appeared in a wide variety of roles since the early 1970s. Initially achieving fame as a college football player, his role on St. Elsewhere led to his being named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People in 1986. After spending the majority of the 1990s as a character actor, he discovered newfound fame for his portrayal of Secret Service special agent Simon Donovan in The West Wing, receiving a 2002 Emmy Award nomination for his acting in a four-episode story arc.

Harmon was cast in a similar role a year later. The creator of both JAG and NCIS had seen Harmon in The West Wing and decided to cast him in NCIS. Harmon’s character of NCIS special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was first introduced in a guest starring role in two episodes of JAG. Since 2003, Harmon has starred in NCIS as the same character.

Harmon was good in The Presidio and as Sheriff Behan the Kevin Costner Wyatt Earp film. There are more photos below the fold…

Young Mark has no problem going shirtless, so that’s a plus for the ladies.

Mom would watch literally anything with Harmon in it. Still does, by the way.

Harmon has a pretty impressive film and television career. Guess being likable has its perks.

The services have ended. You may now enjoy your Easter.

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