The Darling Of D-Block

Meet Claire McGuire of Edinburgh, Scotland. Claire works stressful hours during her career as a prison guard, but she has a few bones to pick with her side job.

A female prison guard has been exposed as a secret porn star.

Claire McGuire, 34, stripped for a sex film before being rumbled at Saughton in Edinburgh. And she now fears being sacked by jail bosses after her sordid secret life was uncovered by colleagues.

McGuire uses the alias Sasha in the X-rated video that has now been viewed around 90,000 times online. The worried jail worker, of Loanhead, Midlothian, told The Scottish Sun on Sunday: “I’m going to lose my job over this.”

Claire may lose her job, but I’d wager bumping uglies pays a helluva lot more, plus the days aren’t as long or as hard. I mean, the men are, but the days are not.

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