Negative, Ghost Rider…

While the left is running in circles screaming about how the Russians own everything, it is nice to see this story, which shows Mother Russia in a much more realistic light.

A new report, citing a leaked Russian government document, says that a crash of MiG-31 Foxhound in Siberia almost two years ago was actually the result of a friendly fire incident during a botched training exercise. In addition, the summary of the mishap suggests that there could be dangerous problems with the aircraft’s Zaslon-AM radar and Baget-55 fire control system that might increase the risk of more accidental shootdowns occurring in the future.

The investigators concluded that the crew in the plane that got shot down had improperly followed procedures, allowing them to stray into the potential line of fire during the live-fire exercise. It also faulted aviators flying the other Foxhound for turning on their Zaslon-AM’s fire control function at the wrong time, cueing an R-33 missile right at their wingman. They further blamed the pilot for firing the weapon when this individual should have known they were not engaging a target drone.

So, to recap, the Russians posted a few ads on Facebook during the 2016 election, and a year later, one of their hot-shot pilots shot down his own wingman. Wow, that Putin is a f**king genius!

4 thoughts on “Negative, Ghost Rider…

  1. Shoot down your own wingman? I am guessing he was banging the guys wife, and the missile accidentally went off at just the right time.


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