Rejoice With Joyce

Meet Joyce Vieira. Joyce is an athlete from Brazil, who also dabbles in modeling. Recently, she had an encounter with a man during her photoshoot. Apparently the man did not realize Joyce is a little more than just an athlete.

MMA fighter Joyce Vieira has been pictured attacking a man after he allegedly exposed himself while she was taking part in a photo shoot. Vieira was posing for photos in swimwear when she claims the man performed a sex act on himself.

Unfortunately for the man, he probably didn’t realize that Vieira is an amateur MMA fighter — and boy, did she dish out some brutal punishment. Photos posted to Twitter show Vieira attacking the man in a rage, showing off her MMA skills.

“I think the punishment for these cases should be more severe.”

Well Joyce, since you beat the guy half to death, I think the punishment fits the crime here.

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