Picking Daisies

Meet Daisy Keech.

Daisy has no marketable skills besides her good looks, so instead of finding an actual job, she decided to choose the high-profile life of an Instagram model. Daisy’s signature body part is her rear end, but fans have questioned if her butt is the real deal.

In a world where Instagram users are being exposed for digitally editing their bodies and faking vacations, a good influencer knows that transparency is key these days.

And that’s why model Daisy Keech is going that extra step. The 19-year-old influencer says she’s tired of followers accusing her of faking her gifted glutes, and brought in a “renowned” plastic surgeon to prove it.

“Making history w/ @drghavami Thank you to world-renowned expert Dr. Ghavami for helping me show my followers that my booty is REAL and for being the first certified real booty! #CertifiedRealBooty,” Keech writes.

Congratulations to Daisy, who is now apparently a certified ass.

9 thoughts on “Picking Daisies

  1. Ronni – Don’t get me wrong, she;s gorgeous, but certifying your bottom is the epitome of self-centered idiocy.

    Cathy – And honestly, at 19, she needs to start growing up.

    TXNIck – She’s a two-fer!

    RG – Kyle has a few friends on Instagram who fancy themselves models. Sadly, they’re “internet models,” which is like bragging you’re a “video-game champion.”


    1. Not to disparage the lovely ladies who frequent your blog, but come on, what guy here wouldn’t want to bang this airheaded moron ten ways from Sunday? Then again, when it comes to me, I’m on the downhill side of things, so all I can do is fantasize about this stuff anyway. I figure she paid the butt doctor anyway and it probably is as fake as one of those HilLIARy three dollar bills.


        1. Guys, I speak from experience here… Never, ever, thrust your Lord Hardwick into batshirt crazy. A few minutes of pleasure will not be worth the years of misery.


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