After six months of hard work, Julia’s dance recital debuted Friday evening.

As in previous years, Julia’s class performed a dual program of ballet and jazz routines. Thankfully, there were no belly shirts this year, and the ballet ensemble was acceptable to dear old dad. Julia performed brilliantly, and I think her teacher knew that in advance, as Julia was in the front of the group. She never looked offstage for a cue, and danced divinely.

The jazz/modern dance portions highlighted previous decades. While Julia didn’t get the 80’s – the greatest decade of music in planetary history – she was assigned the 90’s, with a twist. While they danced to a medley of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and MC Hammer, they also tossed in Aretha Franklin’s Respect.

As you can see below, Julia took her costume from the Kurt Cobain collection.

Again, Julia performed very well, albeit with an admitted mistake, that thankfully no one noticed. She had a lot of fun with her dance friends, earned a nice (pink) trophy, and received flowers from her grandmother. It was a terrific evening.

P.S. – The only real downside of the night was at the beginning. Julia and Mrs. Earp were already at the high school, and as the kids and I arrived, the terrible thunderstorms we were expecting hit us hard. The second we stepped out of the car, the skies opened up, the wind was pushing us back, and we were struck in the face with sideways rain and hail. By time we entered the auditorium, every one of us were soaked to the bone. Not the most comfortable way to spend a two-hour dance recital.

4 thoughts on “Flashdance

  1. She is beautiful so brag as long and loud as you want.
    P.S. The 80s music stunk. As a child of the 70s I know this as a fact.


  2. Ronni – My niece has a new boyfriend at Pitt. They both play Ultimate Frisbee for the school. I sent her a message and said I cannot wait to meet him and show him my gun collection. Julia will have a much rougher time.

    Cathy – BLASPHEMY!


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