The Dean Of Mean

Meet Breyanna Dean, Florida’s favorite daughter.

Breyanna is trying to give her three children a better life by working hard and extorting money from previous lovers.

The 24-year-old Floridian was arrested Saturday morning on an extortion charge after she “maliciously posted pictures” of a male victim’s genitalia and then sought payment from him to “stop her actions.”

Investigators allege that Dean posted the explicit photos “across multiple social media platforms in direct messages.” Dean “used the the victim’s old phone to access his social media and send the pictures,” the complaint charges.

The victim was unable to deactivate his accounts since Dean allegedly had changed the various passwords.

The complaint alleges Dean “demanded the victim by written communication to pay a monetary payment to stop her actions.” The victim is not identified, but he appears to have been in a prior relationship with Dean. Dean’s actions “directly exposed the victim to disgrace,” the complaint states.

In fairness, sending Dean pics of your junk mail didn’t help matters, either. That’s why I exclusively send junk pics to Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and other women who don’t need money.

3 thoughts on “The Dean Of Mean

  1. If you dated this nut-job at any time, you had better hope you didn’t send pics. Extortion may be in your future. Social media has created many opportunities for crooks and miscreants to take advantage if they feel they have been wronged. Come on, guys and gals, unless you are certain this is mister or miss forever and ever and not just miss or mister “right now”, don’t send a picture. It’s probably not going to end well and chances are you aren’t going to be the first or last to send them a pic.


  2. My wife & I have been together over seventeen years. Never have we thought of even taking a photo in the nude or a compromising pose, let alone sending one (to each other or anyone else). Call us old fashioned if you will. I call it just respecting the person you love.

    And nope, never thought of doing otherwise in any of my previous relationships. Better safe than sorry. You never find out what kind of person you married until you get dragged into divorce court.


  3. Ronni – We never had this problem when we were in high school. Thank God.

    TXNick – And you never know who your friends are until they try to destroy you.


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