Get Woke, Go Broke

ESPN, the worldwide leader in SJW issues, has announced their garbage-tier magazine will be folding in September. Apparently people were getting weary of reading about wokeness in a sports publication

ESPN told its staff Tuesday the company’s 21-year-old magazine would print its final issue in September, as first reported by John Ourand.

While senior vice president, original content, Rob King told SI in August that ESPN the Magazine “just finished our most successful year, creatively,” the publication’s future has been in doubt since the company combined ESPN Insider and ESPN+ in a bid for digital subscribers.

“Consumer habits are evolving rapidly, and this requires ESPN to evolve as well,” a company statement read. “The only change here is that we are moving away from printing it on paper and sending it in the mail, following September’s release of The Body Issue.”

The magazine finished its most successful year… creatively. Monetarily? Not so much. Those last two paragraphs read like every Dear John letter in recorded history. “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I’m looking for a new direction in my life,” etc.

The only problem with this news is ESPN is still on the air. Don’t worry, though, the network is swirling the drain, and soon it will join its magazine in obscurity.

2 thoughts on “Get Woke, Go Broke

  1. To be followed shortly by SI for publishing the ladies in a laundry bag issue. Don’t they know that the swimsuit issue was very important to a growing boy?


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