Finally, Russia Made Basketball Exciting!

A group of prudish Russian citizens complained about a pregame routine where basketball cheerleaders performed a striptease in front a multitude of fans.

I fail to see the problem here.

The women, who were sporting minuscule underwear and platform stilettos, performed before a Russian Basketball Super League match in Saint Petersburg on Sunday.

But the final’s pregame show before the match between Spartak St. Petersburg and Samara caused uproar after numerous fans with children accused the organisers of staging an “inappropriate” striptease performance.

The group of nine began their routine on the ground, seeing the majority of them on all fours. Some of the girls were sporting a nude thong body suit while the rest wore black french underwear and a bra.

Look, your kids are just going to learn all this on the street, anyway. I say sit back, relax, down a few shots of vodka, and enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Russia Made Basketball Exciting!

  1. The feminists would ruin it. Make them have an even number of black, Asians and Hispanics. Also make sure the big girls are represented. And don’t forget about the trannies and cross dressers.


  2. TXNick – I’m sure the strip show was much more entertaining than the basketball.

    Cathy – Like the L.A. Rams did by bringing in male cheerleaders.

    Proof – Now that’s an idea whose time has come!


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