In West Philadelphia, Born And Raised

There’s nothing more unsettling in this crazy, mixed up town than the rampant violence within its borders. Sometimes, however, fate occasionally intervenes for the good guys.

Police officers on foot patrol were called to North 57th Street Monday evening on reports that an older male was attacking people and vandalizing vehicles.

Witnesses reported that the older man was behaving erratically and appeared to be under the influence. He shattered the rear window of a Mitsubishi SUV with a rock and was reportedly punching people, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told the Inquirer.

The older man “aggressively approached” the younger male, police told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The younger man was a concealed gun holder who was in the neighborhood visiting family.

The older man punched the younger man in the face, who then drew his weapon and shot the older man in the right knee. The shooter cooperated with police, and his semiautomatic handgun was confiscated at the scene.

Leftist Soros puppet D.A. Larry Krasner actually declined charges against the shooter. It’s a Christmas miracle!

4 thoughts on “In West Philadelphia, Born And Raised

  1. Lergnom – That’s the rub. The department usually confiscates the gun and goes through it before being released back to the owner. The process usually takes two years. It’s a scam.


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